Libro ebook Cocktails on Tap, Jacob Grier
Author: Jacob Grier
Publisher: ABRAMS
Categories: Beers
Language: English
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Publishing year: 2015
Pages 160
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ISBN: 9781613127797

Synopsis of Cocktails on Tap

Cocktails on Tap brings together two major trends—craft cocktails and craft beer—with more than 50 recipes for mixed drinks that feature beer. Beer has become a favorite ingredient for top bartenders around the world, and this book features the best of these contemporary creations alongside vintage classics. Drinks such as the Mai Ta-IPA put a hoppy twist on a favorite tiki cocktail with the addition of India Pale Ale. The Green Devil boosts the powerful Belgian beer Duvel with juniper-forward London Dry gin and a rinse of aromatic absinthe. In Cocktails on Tap, the vast range
of today’s beers—from basic lagers to roasty stouts and sour Belgian ales—is explored and tapped as a resource for making an innovative and delicious array of cocktails.

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