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Libro ebook Creatures of the Storm, Brad Munson
Author: Brad Munson
Publisher: Permuted Press
Language: English
Price in book ePub
: 6.59 (6.59)
ePub with Adobe DRM
Publishing year: 2015
Pages 229
Size: 0 Mb
Copy No
Printing No
ISBN: 9781618686060

Synopsis of Creatures of the Storm

It never rains in Dos Hermanos, California…until the sky opens up and it will not stop. Suddenly 3,000 people are fighting for their lives against a massive flash flood. And then, on the first night, a thousand creatures skinless, eyeless, all cutting edges and claws come out of the storm to kill them all. Who will live? Who will die? And what is the secret hiding inside the Rain?

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