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Libro ebook Snare, Carrie Vacarro Nelkin
Publisher: Permuted Press
Language: English
Price in book ePub
: 6.59 (6.59)
ePub with Adobe DRM
Publishing year: 2015
Pages 243
Size: 0 Mb
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Printing No
ISBN: 9781618686602

Synopsis of Snare

What if the one you call isn't the one who comes?

When Fortune accepts a housesitting job in brownstone Brooklyn, she becomes embroiled in the building s grisly history that ensnares the residents and lures back a serial killer with supernatural connections.

Patsy, the apartment s owner, is keeping secrets. The apartment also has its own secrets that not even Patsy suspects, revolving around the ex-priest who lived there after a failed exorcism. Both Patsy and the former Father Guenther Ives have invited forces that are not what they think. Soon, Fortune is forced to confront both Father Ives and a larger, nonhuman evil.

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