Libro ebook The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, Joy Hatch, Rebecca Kelley
Publisher: ABRAMS
Language: English
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Publishing year: 2011
Pages 196
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ISBN: 9781613121276

Synopsis of The Eco-nomical Baby Guide

Is it really possible to raise an eco-baby without breaking the bank? While the average parents spend almost $7,000 gearing up for a new addition, pregnant pals Joy Hatch and Rebecca Kelley each shelled out less than a thousand—and they did it by going green. In The Eco-nomical Baby Guide, the authors prove that bringing up baby can be easy on the pocketbook and the planet.
Focusing on the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra and writing in a humorous but straightforward style, these resourceful mothers dish about everything from eco-friendly diapers to daycare, making green living with baby accessible to everyone—even those on the slenderest of budgets. Your baby’s happiness and safety top Hatch and Kelley’s agenda as they offer tips on shopping for new and used green goods, blending homemade organic baby food, and limiting the piles of baby gear that threaten to overtake the living room.

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