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Libro ebook The Necklace, Babette Hughes
Author: Babette Hughes
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Categories: Historical mysteries
Language: Spanish
Price in book ePub
: 6.59 (6.59)
ePub with Adobe DRM
Publishing year: 2015
Size: 0.81 Mb
Copy No
Printing No
ISBN: 9781618689085

Synopsis of The Necklace

The Necklace tells the stories of three women, each with a dangerous secret. There is 80-year-old mafia widow Kate Brady, determined that her secret will die with her - beautiful, blond and famous Andrea Pryor is being blackmailed for her secret - and 18-year-old Marianne Woodsman whose secret is hidden in her family s Park Avenue penthouse. Marianne runs for her life from her dangerously dysfunctional family, through a homeless shelter and a brothel until her story intertwines with Kate s and Andrea s in a three-generational embrace.

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