About us

Super passionate about IT and books. Since 2001, our services have accompanied the publishing industry through its transformation to digital. Our global print and digital solutions in different countries are used by publishers and retailers to connect books with readers around the world.

Our strong-points

Just a short list of great things we do for you.

Online Content & Rights Management

Global Sales Channels

Global print network

Digital formats - ebook Distribution

Cloud-base financials and reports

Millions of books printed throught our R" technology

Passionate about creating tools to approach books to the world.

Our Mission

We are a team of creative and experienced marketers and developers loving books. We have built a whole range of online tools to increase productivity, reduce transactional costs and make publishers' life easier.

Our aim is easy to explain:
You inspire, we supply.
We work hard to democratize reading in a sustainable way. (Allowing people to ) "Read on time" any content in any format anywhere on Planet Earth.





Meet The Team

Meet our small team that make those great products.

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Ginny Frets
Co-Founder & CEO

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Patricia Pasadas
Business Developer

Maite Corchero foto
Maite Corchero
Sales Area

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Félix Viguera
Pre-Press Area

Building Community

Traditionally, the Publishing industry was based mainly at the home country of the writter and only bestsellers had a global distribution opportunity.
Digital revolution allows us to supply books worldwide and help you to attend aggregated micromarkets as a global market from your desktop.

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