Activate your eBooks and print book titles for sale through global channels and indie bookstores. Reach new markets and enlarge your sales opportunities worldwide.


How does it work ?

Step 1

Upload your book
files and metadata.

Step 2

Set retail price and select sales channels.

Step 3

Manage your sales and reports in real-time.

Step 4

Receive your revenues in your bankaccount.


Your one-stop solution Local & Global

Whether you want to enlarge your sales with global opportunities or simplify the process of managing your catalogue in your private cloud, Readontime offers you a complete solution Local & Global.
Your titles available in AMAZON, KINDLE, APPLE, KOBO and many more global sales channels in one click.

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Increase your sales and satisfy more readers.

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POD Distribution

Reduce your physical inventory and increase your catalogues of books available in different countries. With on demand technology, out of print books can now be offered.

- Increase your revenues > Enlarge your catalogue exposure in more countries and get more incomes.
- Reduce your costs > No upfront investment. No stock. All books are produced on demand once they are sold. 
Save inventory, shipping costs and returns.

Also, benefit from our  network of print locations worldwide and print your books on demand at the closest POD facility from delivery. Save costs and time!

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Selling your ebooks safe

Convert your content to digital and satisfy new digital communities. Your eBooks will be read on iPad, Kindle, Kobo and other Android devices.
We offer secure technology to store and control your digital downloads.

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DRM / DRM-free eBooks.

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ePub, PDF, HTML5, Mobi.

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ePub conversion services.

Manage territorial rights and pricing.

Price tools

Manage your prices per territory and use our multi-currency tool to calculate and update prices automatically.

Manage territorial rights

Select the channels and countries where your books will be sold.

Profitability calculation

Estimate beforehand the profitability of your catalogues and shared revenues to help you set your prices.

Manage territorial rights and pricing

More Features

We are very excited about our Dashboard.
It's really easy to upload and activate your books for sale on Readontime.

One-click setup

Control your global strategy

Multi-currency conversion

Real-time sales reports by channel and territory.

Finances in one overview

Bills and invoices online

Fast and easy!

Since 2001, thousands of publishers went before you. Managing tons of titles and millions of books printed through this system is not the result of chance.
Why wait to reach the world?

One platform to connect your books to the world.