Our Corrupt Legal System
Evan Whitton
About the Book: The lawyer-run adversary system used in Britain and its former colonies, including the US, India, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia does not try to find the truth. It is the only...
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Jason Miller
An Obamacare book like no other, Obamacare: Healthcare Apocalypse not only lays out all of the core components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but also provides a detailed analysis...
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The Microsoft Antitrust Cases
Andrew I. Gavil, Harry First
For more than two decades, the U.S. Department of Justice, various states, the European Commission, and many private litigants pursued antitrust actions against the tech giant Microsoft. In...
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Fracking the Neighborhood
Jessica Smartt Gullion
When natural gas drilling moves into an urban or a suburban neighborhood, a two-hundred-foot-high drill appears on the other side of a back yard fence and diesel trucks clog a quiet two-lane...
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National Medicines Policy: A Malaysian Perspective
Salmah Bahri, Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim
As part of the health policy of a country, national medicine policy should be an essential section which aimed at rational use of pharmaceuticals. World Health Organization supports country to...
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Realidad Latino Americana
Edgar R. Barrientos
El principal motivo de escribir este libro es sencillamente para llamar la atencion del amable lector en cuanto a la cruda realidad que a vivido siempre nuestra america latina a travez de los siglos....
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Under The Influence
Andrea Arce

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Towards The True Law
Felipe De Jesús Fierro Alvídrez

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Handbook on Spanish Civil Law
Sonia Martín Satisteban, Luz M. Martínez Velancoso
Especialment orientada als estudiants de primer curs de Grau en Dret o dobles titulacions bilingües, aquesta obra ofereix un estudi de les institucions bàsiques del Dret privat. Adaptat als nous...
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