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Joan Stanfield
Britain off loaded over 4000 convicts in America, until defeated in the American War of Independence. Desperate to empty British gaols, in 1788, the First Fleet was dispatched to deliver convicts...
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Can I Help My Child Learn?
Dr Joan Brien B.Sc., Dip.Ed., Ph.D
The book is written for parents who want to help their children understand their schoolwork. The topics include pre-reading, reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, story writing and basic...
[ Papel ]

Desde 16,36
Brain Blinkers
Anthony Bonnici
Looking for a short, sharp and motivating book to get you going? Then 'Brain Blinkers' is for you. This no-waffle, highly entertaining and informative book will help you uncover and deal with the key...
[ Papel ]

Desde 14,37
Movements that Heal
Harald Blomberg M.D. with Moira Dempsey
Movements that Heal looks at the reasons behind why the Rhythmic Movement Training and Primitive Reflex Integration programme works. It discusses the developmental and environmental reasons behind...
[ Papel ]

Desde 19,61
Two Bipolar Chicks Guide to Survival
Wendy Williamson, Honora Rose
From the "Two Bipolar Chicks," Wendy K. Williamson and Honora Rose, comes this survival guide disguised as a low-key, how to manual. From their wellness vaults, they compiled three decades worth of...
[ eBook ]

Desde 5,55
The Two-Income Trap
Suzanne Venker
In The Two-Income Trap, bestselling author and Fox News contributor Suzanne Venker claims having it all is an impossible goal and trying to prove otherwise has destroyed family life and made women...
[ eBook ]

Desde 7,4
Your Guide to Fitbit
John T. Phillips
Your Guide to Fitbit helps you get the most out of your Fitbit, including how to:- Personalize your Fitbit- Set weight loss goals- Make the most of your daily routine- Track your progress on the...
[ eBook ]

Desde 4,54
Invader Moon
Rob Shelsky
Was the moon always in our skies? UFO investigator Rob Shelsky doesn t think so. Did the arrival of our moon trigger the rise of civilization? Did it destroy existing ones? Did it cause the Great...
[ eBook ]

Desde 6,59
Don't Let Your Doctor Kill You
Erika Schwartz
How do you take charge of your health and stop turning over your life to our confusing and intimidating healthcare system before it s too late? Dr. Erika Schwartz believes that today s patient is but...
[ eBook ]

Desde 10,99
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
Ramani Durvasula
Narcissism is a modern epidemic, and it's spreading rapidly. Should I Stay or Should I Go is a guidebook and a reality check. This honest survival manual is not predicated on false hope, forgiveness,...
[ eBook ]

Desde 10,99
Simple Stunning Weddings
Karen Bussen
The three biggest trends in weddings today are simplicity, personalization, and color. Wedding design expert Karen Bussen highlights these elements as she shows couples how to design their own...
[ eBook ]

Desde 38,49
Sleepy Hollow: The Show Companion
Tara Bennett, Paul Terry, Jayne Nelson, Bryan Cairns
Sleepy Hollow The Show Companion brings together the best of Sleepy Hollow Magazine, along with brand new material! Inside you ll find exclusive interviews with Sleepy Hollow s stars Tom Mison and...
[ eBook ]

Desde 21,99
Work. Pump. Repeat.
Jessica Shortall
The practical, relatable, and humorous guide to surviving the difficult, awkward, and rewarding job of being a breastfeeding, working mom. Meet the frenemy of...
[ eBook ]

Desde 17,09
One Good Deed
Erin McHugh
Erin McHugh had spent the better part of her adult life doing community work, but in more recent years, the minutiae of life and working as a bookseller kept her busy and away from those higher...
[ eBook ]

Desde 20,84
The Eco-nomical Baby Guide
Joy Hatch, Rebecca Kelley
Is it really possible to raise an eco-baby without breaking the bank? While the average parents spend almost $7,000 gearing up for a new addition, pregnant pals Joy Hatch and Rebecca Kelley each...
[ eBook ]

Desde 21,94
40 Days of Dating
Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman
When New York–based graphic designers and long-time friends Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh found themselves single at the same time, they decided to try an experiment. The old adage says...
[ eBook ]

Desde 32,94
The Glow
Violet Gaynor
The Glow provides a rare glimpse into the world of fashionable mothers at home, capturing tender moments between them and their young ones and sharing their inspiration, insights, and a few of their...
[ eBook ]

Desde 32,94
Hey Natalie Jean
Natalie Holbrook
[ eBook ]

Desde 17,09
The Inner Travel Guide
Andrena Woodhams
For thousands of years, philosophers, prophets, mystics and musicians have alluded to a mythical place of peace. However, there hasn t been a practical, no-nonsense guide that shows you how to get...
[ eBook ]

Desde 5,49
Panic Attacks:
Lorraine Mason
In 1966, aged 21, Lorraine developed panic attacks and suffered greatly for a number of years. Once recovered, she began to offer help to those suffering as she had. After a few years of helping...
[ eBook ]

Desde 5,49
What's Your What?
Julie Moret
Remember those flashes of inspiration in which you felt like you could do, or be, anything? What if you could learn to control that feeling, igniting it at will and thus ensuring that your life s...
[ eBook ]

Desde 10,99
Your Gay Friend's Guide To Understanding Men
Bo Sebastian
Girlfriends, get ready for some straight-talk about straight men from a gay friend. What do men really want from women? How do you avoid Mr. Wrong in your search for Mr. Right? What kind of emotional...
[ eBook ]

Desde 5,49
About dogs and men
jose luis moreno, Agustin Casado
About dogs and men is a summary of affectionate events that happen between human beings and their beloved pets. From their point of view dogs, the main characters, are always going to tell us their...
[ Papel / eBook ]

Desde 7
Mayo Clinic Guide to Fertility and Conception
Elizabeth A. Stewart
Mayo Clinic Guide to Fertility and Conception is a comprehensive medical reference that provides answers and explanations to questions and concerns related to fertility, and potential solutions for...
[ eBook ]

Desde 13,62
Superhuman Performance II
Derrick Miles, Darrayl Miles
With compelling insights and practical applications from some of the world s top entrepreneurs, you will gain a fresh understanding of what it means to live within a cone of excitement, anticipation...
[ eBook ]

Desde 9,08
Superhuman Performance I
Derrick Miles, Darrayl Miles
Your potential extends far beyond your capabilities and skills, exceeding your limited imagination. This book will help you discover your gifts and understand why you come alive, for what purpose....
[ eBook ]

Desde 9,08
The Bible Cure

The Bible Cure has the answers to these and other questions. What does the Bible say about carbohydrates and fat? Is there a way to avoid infectious diseases? What Bible foods can help...
[ eBook ]

Desde 15,44
Eat This And Live
Colbert, Don
"From the ""New York Times""-bestselling author of ""The Seven Pillars of Health"" comes this guide that teaches readers what the Bible has to say about food. Dr. Colbert gives his recommendations on...
[ eBook ]

Desde 14,53
21 Super Foods
Bolden, Jevon
Powerful, nutrient-rich super-foods that will help you lose weight, manage stress and anxiety, build your immune system, look younger, lower blood pressure, fight cancer, and so much more--without...
[ eBook ]

Desde 8,17
A-Z of Whisky
Gavin Smith

[ eBook ]

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